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Wedding Cake photo shoot/safari… May 7, 2009

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Ok, the pictures from The Gallery are so awesome!  I was definitely right—photographers take waaay  better pictures of my cakes than I do.  Sandra came to my home to look at the cakes and find suitable light one beautiful morning.  Finding none…we decided to take a road trip and boy was it a trip!


This cake would serve 173 as shown.  The second tier is 6″ high while the others are a standard 4″ height.  This cake would serve 173 as shown.  The handsweet-julias_-10made gumpaste flowers are gardenias, my favorite flower by far.  The piped on flowers are actually an edible, bendable icing that you pipe flat, let dry, and then place on the cake where ever you like.  This is a great technique for words or really intricate designs. 





From the biggest cake to the smallest cake, this lovely little black and white number would serve 53 as shown.  Repeating patterns on this casweet-julias_-15ke are piped directly on the side of the cake and then accented with hand-cut fondant leaves.  Black and white not your thing?  What about Carolina Blue piping…or what about chocolate and blue….I’ll bet it would be stunning.

Are you looking to economize but still want a beautiful cake? Consider using a small cake like this one for your photography needs and then serving the remaining guests from our delicious kitchen cakes.  They are the same great taste as the main cake, but they cost much less.  Our kitchen cakes are 4″ high and are iced in the same base color as your main cake.  Best of all they are priced at a flat rate of only $2.00 per serving.  We respectfully ask that you only serve our sheet cakes in order to preserve our good name…not all cakes are created equal!





June is a lovely time for a wedding with all of the beautiful weather and freshly blooming flowers.  But September and October are rapidlysweet-julias_-19 catching up to June for wedding popularity.  The weather in October is mild and refreshing and the leaves are beautiful.  Sandra had the wonderful idea of contrasting the stunning fall colors on this cake with the lush ivy background.  The leaves, branches, and roses are all handmade from gumpaste by yours truly.  This cake has just a touch of ivory in the base color to compliment the natural look of the leaves and roses. sweet-julias_-22

As shown this cake will serve 134.  Did anyone ever tell you that square cakes cost more?  It is true…they cost more…because there is more cake (the corners!).  But that is the only reason! 





At the Southern Bridal Show and Expo the most popular cake in our booth (aside from the sushi cake) was without a doubt this beautiful chocolate and blue cake.   This is cake is fun and modern, with a little touch of bling to catch your eye! 

This cake is covered in yummy chocolate fondant, edible hand-rolled pearls. It would serve 158 guests as shown.  Sandra and I walked out to the middle of a field with this (heavy!) cake to find the perfect spot.  And I have to tell you…I think she picked just the right one.  The beautiful grasses and blue sky are perfect for this cake.



Last on the line up for our photo safari was this very natural and organic square cake.  For this cake we really wanted to capture the nature elements of the stream.  Of course there wersweet-julias_-30e no beachy areas on the side of the creek WE were on.  So I rolled up my pants and braved the mucky mud carrying a 30lb cake (plus stand) to place the cake in just the right spot.  Sadly for Sandra, she too had to brave the ice cold water to get the right angles…  I have to say though I think our efforts were not wasted, the pictures are wonderful. 

This cake serves 74 and allows you another great opportunity to utilize our kitchen cakes to supplement your cake servings.  Have you heard about using Styrofoam cakes as a way to economize?  It might not save you as much as you would think.  The reason for this is that the majority of the cost in a wedding cake comes from the sweet-julias_-27time, effort, and skill involved in creating your perfect design.  If a cake costs $5.00 a serving in regular cake, we could charge 80% of that, or $4.00 a serving, to replace the tier with a Styrofoam cake.  So often a kitchen cake will be the more economical way to go.


The piping and flowers on this cake are made from fondant.  Did you know that often we can replicate deisgn in either buttercream or fondant?  The exception to that are things that need to stand up or maintain their shape like the flowers on this cake.  you can Also use fondant or fabric ribbon to wrap around the cake.  The center ribbon on this cake takes popular design and gives it a unique twist.

Well, that is all I have to show you of the pictures here.  Be sure to check out our wedding cake gallery on the main web page though, I will add more of the pictures from our excursion. 


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