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Sweet Nothings January 7, 2009

“I just wanted to send you a quick thank you for helping to make our wedding perfect! First of all, the Goomba cake was a big hit, in both design and flavor. The wedding cake was beautiful, more so than I expected… and it was also very delicious. We have been getting so many compliments on how good it tasted. Oh, and the cake truffles – fantastic!” Sherry, Raleigh


“The cake that you made for  E’s party was a huge hit!!  Everybody was impressed.  When my son got home yesterday afternoon, he came outside and said to me “Mom-don’t kill  me.  This is my second piece.  But it’s soooo good, I can’t help it.”    I told him not to worry about it, because I totally agreed with him. ” Jessica, Asheville


“I have been meaning to contact you to RAVE on your AMAZING cake!  In my business, I get the opportunity to sample many wedding cakes, and let me tell you, your cake blew me away.  It was by far the best tasting wedding cake I have EVER had. ” Sophia Jekic Photography, Asheville


“As always…your cake was a hit at the party!  It was the best tasting cake I have ever had” Amy, Charleston



“I wanted to tell you what an incredible job you did on the cake!!!  Everyone was amazed by it, and it tasted fantastic.  Thanks again…” Maria, Charleston


“You’re cookies are a big hit with our customers.  I have received about 15 + calls or emails so far.  The problem is our customers say the cookies look so beautiful they don’t want to unwrap them!’  Carol, Atlanta


“Hi, I have tried your traditional butter cookies before and I think they are fantastic.  I’m pregnant and just really craving them at this point!” Rebekah, New Jersey









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