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Is there life beyond vanilla cake? January 7, 2009

So I know you are saying…”Julia, I have read over your extensive list of flavors (found here) and I am more confused now that ever”!  Don’t worry, you can have them all…. uhm well no, I guess that won’t work.  Okay since you asked so desperately, I will try to narrow it down to my top 5, uhm 10, er 11 favorites.  Cake is really a mix and match type deal… be creative, explore a little: it’s fun.


A word of advice, if I may, while you may absolutely LOVE chocolate cake with lemon curd…chances are the majority of your guests will not.  So consider choosing more than one flavor combination for your cake.  A minimal charge of $15 is added for each additional flavor combination, but this way you get your cake and your guests will eat it too!


Drum Roll please……Our most popular cake is…

            Butter cake with Vanilla American Buttercream….

I believe the popularity of this cake stems from the fact that this cake reminds people of why they love cake.  This is a velvety moist cake with a rich creamy buttercream that tastes like home.  This cake is popular with both the wedding and birthday crowds.


Our most popular grown-up type cake (especially for Groom’s cakes) is:

Chocolate Heaven: A rich dark chocolate cake filled with dark chocolate ganache and raspberry filling, topped with the most fabulous dark chocolate ganache buttercream.



More Combinations


Cakes, Fillings, and Icings Oh My!

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Today’s cakes are much more than Chocolate and Vanilla.  How about a cinnamon butter cake with cinnamon ganache buttercream or a luscious lemon cake with fresh raspberry filling?  No matter what cake combination(s) you choose you are assured a moist, fabulous tasting cake that is as scrumptious as it is gorgeous.  We offer an extensive selection of cake combinations from which you may choose.

…Flavor List Here