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What type of flowers will you put on your wedding cake? July 15, 2009

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Flowers by Catherine Walther

Flowers by Catherine Walther

Flowers are used in almost every wedding to accent and enhance the décor of your wedding day.  Flowers can be fun and sassy or elegant and formal.  When choosing flowers for your wedding cake you have a choice in the type of flowers you use at Sweet Julia’s.

 If you choose to have fresh flowers on your cake you should keep a couple of things in mind.  First, make sure that you ask your florist for organic, pesticide free flowers.  Sometimes flowers have direct contact with your cake and you do not want anything fresh-flowers-arranged-by-Sto transfer to the cake.  Second, make sure you choose flowers that will not wilt or loose their blooms easily.  The wedding cake is often standing for several hours before being cut.  It is important that your flowers look as fresh as your cake until it is cut.   Lastly, it is imperative that you look for blooms that are non-toxic.  There are many sites that can give you a list of non-toxic flowers.  We will provide you with a partial list when you come in for a tasting.  We do not charge for arranging fresh flowers on your cake for you.  However, if you prefer, we will work directly with the florist to ensure they place the flowers according to our plan. 


Photo by The Gallery, Gumpaste Gardenia

Another option that you have  for your cake is to use gumpaste flowers.  Gumpaste is a moldable sugar product that is often used to create beautiful life-like displays of flowers for cakes.  While gumpaste flowers are technically edible they most often contain wires that prevent you from actually consuming them. 



Your gumpaste flowers will stay beautiful and fresh looking until your 50th wedding anniversary provided you respect their fragile nature when storing. 

Another fantastic aspect of gumpaste flowers is that we can tweak them to fit your décor if needed.  For instance, perhaps you want a purple flower but can not find one in the size and shape you want in nature.  purple-fantasy-flower-reallNever fear, through the innate license of creativity we can adapt any flower to fit into your vision. 

Of course, we can also replicate the beauty of flowers in their natural state if you prefer!


Some of the flowers we can provide are listed below.   However, the flowers we can create are limited only by your imagination….green-hydrangea

Hydrangeas, Roses, Peonies, Magnolias, Gardenias, Daisies, Frangipani,  Calla Lilies, and many more.



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