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Southern Bridal Show and Expo… May 3, 2009

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All I can say is WOW!  We had so much FUN at the Southern Bridal Show and Expo on April 19th. 



We have finally enough time to post some pictures for you to see our booth.   The show had over 500 registered brides, not counting all of the groom’s and guests they brought with them. 


We served over 800 samples and we RAN OUT an hour before the show was over.   We offered dark chocolate cake with chocolate ganache filling and a butter cake with fresh strawberry filling.   





The most popular cakes we had on display were the 2003_02170003

Sushi Cake (entirely edible) and the Blue and Brown cake.   The Sushi cake is a great example of how fun a Groom’s cake can be at your wedding.  The groom’s cake is typically something the groom really loves; golf, football teams, and cars are very popular.



My sister and husband came to the show to help talk to brides and boy am I so GLAD they did! 







I am sure I was not able to talk to everyone so I am thankful that they were there to speak to the others.  We were all so exhausted at the end of the day that we were all in bed by 9pm (after having fallen asleep on the couch ;)!


If you were at the show and were not able to sign up for a tasting at that time, please contact us and we will gladly schedule your tasting.  Tastings and consultations are free to those requiring a cake to serve 50 or more guests.  Consultations (with no tasting) are always free.  Please note that it is generally a good idea to book your cake 6-8 months in advance as the number of weddings we book each weekend are limited.


Keep an eye out for our next blog..we went on a photogrpahy safari with our wedding show cakes with professional photographer Sandra Gall owner of The Gallery.  I never knew photography could be so much fun!  Sandra said it was nice that the cakes always smiled when she wanted them to and never wiggled!


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  1. Cynthia Jamieson Says:

    Sweet Julia’s IS A PREMIERE WEDDING CAKE BAKER!!!! Wedding cake for my daughters wedding was beautiful and delicious, its was a pleasure working with this superb bakery, Thank You!

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