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Busy, Busy, September… January 11, 2009

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To start off September we did a wedding cake for a relative Shannon, and her new husband Lee, at Lake Oconee ,Georgia.  We had so much fun visiting with our family and playing at the lake.  The location and the wedding were absolutely lovely.     Unfortunately, the 100 degree plus weather took a toll on the fondant ribbon.  Fondant and Georgia summer humidity do not mix!  We will forever after reccomend FABRIC ribbon for outdoor summer cakes. 




We also had the pleasure of working with Sherry and Justin from Raleigh.  A popular trend that I am seeing lately is serving the groom’s cake at the rehearsal dinner.  Usually the groom’s cake is a fun characterization of a hobby of the groom’s.  Justin is apparently a Mario Bros fan as Sherry decided to surprise him at their rehearsal dinner with a 3D Goomba cake (I had to ask my kids who that was! ).                          


They also served cake truffles at the rehearsal dinner.  Let me tell you, if you have not tried a cake truffle you are missing out.  They are basically dark chocolate cake mixed with chocolate ganache and dipped in dark chocolate!  YUMM-O!                                                                     parisi-cake


The wedding was at The Farm in Asheville and was very fall and natural in theme.  The bride’s cake had a tone on tone vine pattern trailing from bottom to top.  the organic flowers I arranged on top were provided by the bride’s mother.  Another interesting part to the cake was the wooden tree trunk stand.  It fit perfectly with the venue and the cake.


Our last wedding of the the month was the wedding of Shiva and Chris at Rumbling Bald at Lake Lure.  Shiva and Chris came down from Virgina for the wedding, but we never met before the wedding day.  We discussed the cake and flavors all through email…Shiva was another bride that knew exactly what she wanted.  I enjoy interpreting ideas just as much as creating them.  Traveling with wedding cakes in western North Carolina in always a challenge, but this trip to Rumbling Bald was quiet harrowing!  The it was dark and rainy all day, and the roads look like a 3 year old drew lines all over a paper and called it a map.  I even had 3 deer run out in front of me on the way there.  Fortunately for me (and them) I was already going about 5 miles an hour around the turns so there was no harm.



                         In case that made you wonder…what would happen if there was an accident…  I travel with extra icing and cake dummies (styrofoam circles) that can be iced quickly and presented as the cake.  Then the damaged cake (or portion) would be served from the kitchen. 

Accidents are, of course, unavoidable…but we do have a plan.


During Septmeber we also made over 600 cookies, cupcakes, and brownies for the fall festival for a local elementary school. Whew!


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