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Let’s see… what happened in August 2008? January 8, 2009

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Hmmm, it’s been so long….oh yes!  I worked with a very lovely bride named Misty and participated in a Cake competition.  

Misty had her cake all worked out, so there was very little for me to do up front, except make a blue Red Velvet cake…..

Just for your knowledge, red velvet cake is made with cocoa powder (brown) and red food coloring.  So, going along with that theory you would think you could substitute the red for blue, right?  Wrong!…you get green…kind of an oceany blue-green.  Not pretty in a cake or in your mouth! 

Misty and her fiance decided on a white cake lightly colored blue. The end result was quite lovely…and the cake looked stunning in the venue.


Later that same day I participated in the 2008 North Georgia Cake Challenge.  This competition required that you bring a cake (styrofoam or real) base iced in your sugar medium of choice.  During the incredibly short 2 hour contest, we were to decorate a 3 foot tall cake in the Showtime theme.  The clincher was that only 25% of your sugar work could be made in advance…. Folks, 3 feet is a lot of cake to decorate in 2 hours, let me tell you.

2003_04120034                                                             2003_04120018

The people gathered round are spectators…very nerve racking.  Especially since a large number of them were from my family (Thanks guys!).

We were so excited to learn in the end that we had won not only People’s Choice, but also 1st Place!  I can’t wait to compete again this year….



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