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Who Has TIME to blog? October 28, 2008

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Well, certainly not me…but I am going to give it a go!  I have chosen to base this blog on questions that I enounter on a daily basis as a baker and cake designer.  I believe that our customers will be more satisfied with their purchases if they have the opportunity to learn more about baking and decorating, as well as getting to know me. 

“What’s to learn?” you say, “It’s just butter, eggs, and flour right?”.  “Not quite!” coughs the baker through the cloud of powdered sugar.

I will also highlight some of our weddings and party cakes as I have time…

Feel free to leave me a comment with questions or thoughts.  Please know that we often can not answer posts for several days.  Wed-Sat we are just too busy, and Sunday we are just too tired!

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Thank you for visiting and I look forward to sharing my ramblings with you!